52 Week Pantry Stock Up

This 52-week pantry stock up information will be coming to your inbox if you have signed up for my weekly emails, but I also wanted to get a post up with all the weeks in one place, with a little more info to each week. You will have all 52 weeks, in one location here. I will update this week each list as it is posted on my emails! So…let’s go!

Month 1

Week 1– Salt and Honey. This week I am buying 3 boxes kosher salt. Which is about what I go through in a 3-4 month period. If you prefer a different salt, buy that. Salt is easy to store, and I leave it in the containers I buy it in. Next is honey. I used to have a local source for honey, but I haven’t found a good one here in Idaho yet. So, Costco is my supplier, and this is what I have been buying. I only buy 2-3 quarts of honey at a time. Again, this is stored in the container I buy it in!

woman pouring salt on zucchini dish for pantry stock up

Week 2– Granulated Sugar and Yeast. I go through about 10 pounds of sugar in 3 months. So, I bought 10 pounds of granulated sugar. If you go through more or less of this, buy accordingly. I like to store this much sugar in an airtight container. Bugs love sugar. Next up is yeast. I buy the 2-pack bricks from Sam’s club or Costco. I use active dry yeast and instant in my baking, so I buy both. I always, always store my yeast in the freezer. I know you can store it in the fridge, but I prefer the freezer for freshness.

woman pouring sugar into small clear glass bowl

Week 3– All-purpose flour and salsa. I like to buy 10- 20 pounds of flour at a time. I got through it pretty quickly, but like to store it in an airtight container. I love 5-gallon buckets for this and love these gamma lids. They are so simple to get into! I would love to say I make all my own salsa, but I don’t. I buy a lot of salsa because we love it and go through a lot. So, buy your favorite brand and at least 2-5 jars- again, depending on how much you use.

woman adding flour to baking mix for 52 week pantry stock up

Week 4– Bread flour or other flours you use. I buy 10 pounds of bread flour at a time, if you don’t use much bread flour, buy less, or even skip this one. If there are other flours you use, buy them here. This is also the week I stock up on cornmeal. I buy 3 pounds and store in the freezer. Bugs really like flour, but they love cornmeal!

woman adding bread flour to small bowl

Month 2

Week 5– Baking powder and baking soda. These are great to keep in stock and hold for at least 6 months. I buy 2 small containers of baking powder and about 10 of the small baking soda. Or 3 large baking soda. Why so much baking soda? I use it as a deodorizer for the wash. With 2 teenagers in the house, you can bet we have some really stinky laundry!!

woman adding cornstarch to cherries

Week 6– This month is Cornstarch and 2 spices. I generally buy 2 containers of cornstarch, as I don’t go through it very much. Then, I bought 2 spices I used frequently. You choose your 2 favorites. We will have several weeks where we buy 1 or 2 spices, so don’t worry, we will get stocked on them as well. Just make sure whatever spices you choose, they are ones you will go through within 3-4 months. Spices will go bad and lose much of their flavor if they are left for too long.

Week 7– Canned tomato products. I use a ton of different tomato products, and especially during the soup season. My stock is looking like this- 12 cans of crushed tomatoes, 4 cans tomato paste, 6 cans Rotel, and 2 cans of tomato sauce.

Week 8– Brown Sugar and Powdered Sugar. This time of year I am a baking fool, so I stock on both of these! I buy 6 bags of powdered sugar and 4 bags of brown sugar. I go through these within 3 months, so I store them in the bags they came in.

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