Adorable Avocado Trees

These avocado trees are such a fun, festive and healthy alternative to the seasons many goodies. Plus, they are really quick to throw together and you don’t even have to turn on the oven!!

Start by chopping your veggies. I used red and yellow bell pepper, but you could certainly get more creative then I did. I chopped them fairly small, as I wanted them to look like Christmas lights.

I used pretzel sticks as my trees were fairly small,

I had a few olives left, so I sliced them very thin as well.

Mash your avocados. You will want to make sure the avocados are ripe, as they will spread easier this way. Be careful they aren’t too ripe though, a brown avocado tree is not pretty :).

Next, cut up your pita. I wanted mine to be smaller pieces, so I cut mine into 12 pieces.

I had some Hawaiian black sea salt that was a perfect decoration as well!

Next, decorate them as you want.

Last, use pretzel sticks for the tree trunks. If you cut your pita larger than I did, you might want to use the pretzel rods.

Aren’t these trees so festive and fun! I just love the colors!

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