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Category: Beef Dishes

Beef, it’s whats for dinner!

The perfect slogan for one of our very favorite protein sources. This beef category contains a variety of dishes you will like and use. Are you looking for a great recipe for Texas Chili? I have an amazing, super spicy one for you. How about a beef barley soup? I have that as well. Maybe Bulgogi is your thing, I have one of those as well. This category also has several burger recipes, campfire recipes, etc. I know you will find something you love in this category!

Simple Monster Halloween Burgers

Simple Monster Halloween Burgers are the perfect way to enjoy a savory dish on an overly sugary holiday! They are simple to make. You can modify these any way you like, and they are totally delicious! Let’s play with our food! Your kids will love this fun project, and unless you are a…

Hearty Beef Barley Soup

I think just about everyone could use this Hearty Beef Barley soup in their life. Well, I mean, except our vegetarian and vegan friends. I am don’t think they would appreciate this! Of course, you can always sub out the beef for mushrooms and beef stock for veggie stock. What a great soup…

Best Saucy and Spicy Texas Red Chili

Are you ready for this Best Saucy and Spicy Texas Red Chili? Yes, it’s saucy. Yes, it’s spicy. If you are looking for a milder, maybe look for another recipe :). I actually made this recipe for an upcoming camping trip- chili dogs are on the menu and my hubs loves that…