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Category: Bosch Mixer Recipes

Bosch mixer recipes. This category of recipes is for bosch home mixer owners. I will also give my reasons for owning a Bosch over the Kitchenaid. There is a reason the Bosch mixer is my favorite mixer and used constantly in my kitchen. It is a great home mixer that everyone will love.

These recipes are designed with the powerful Bosch mixer in mind. You will find a variety of baked goods in this category, yeast bread, muffins, cakes, quick bread, and many others. It isn’t only baked goods though, the powerful motor is perfect for mixing meats, mashed potatoes, and other foods. These recipes are also mainly whole grain recipes. This makes them healthier options.

The Bosch mixer comes with a good variety of attachments and accessories. In this category, I will also show you how to use a variety of attachments for the Bosch mixer. I use the dough hook constantly for my yeast bread. The paddle is used for cookies and cakes. The whisks are perfect for meringues and icing. I also have the pasta attachment and use this for making fresh homemade pasta. When you purchase the mixer you have plenty of options to choose from.

So, check this category and find recipes you will love.

Best Chocolate Chip Cookies with Caramel and Pretzels

Want a fun little variation of a the traditional chocolate chip cookie? How about chocolate chip cookies with caramel and pretzels? Yeah, they are just as good as they sound. The caramels So, caramel bits are ideal. I think they are so great to use in baked goods. Unfortunately, we only had the regular caramels…

Mandazi Recipe

African food is new for me. This Mandazi Recipe is actually the only African food I have ever made. There is a Global foods group on Instagram I am part of, to challenge myself as a foodie. This month’s challenge was African foods. It was great to do a little research and learn…

Rye pretzel buns

These Rye Pretzel Buns are great for any sandwich. I love using rye in my whole grain baked goods because I really love the flavor! Also, making the them into a pretzel bun is even better, it gives it that really chewy and yummy crust! I used these rye pretzel buns for teriyaki chicken burgers…