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Great Breakfast Ideas

Are you looking for some great breakfast ideas? In this category, you will find many, and plenty I bet you will love. I have everything from yeast baked goods, quick bread, hot porridge, and many more.

Don’t overlook this important meal because you are in hurry, I have plenty of ideas for meal prep as well. It is worth the effort. Whether you are concerned about eating healthy for weight loss, health concerns, or just a growling stomach. All are a great reason to put thought into this meal.

I would love to share a few of my personal favorites with you and ones that have been popular on the blog. The first is Cranberry Orange Muffins. They are whole wheat, but light and delicious. Baked Peaches is a simple breakfast and a healthy one. Another one that is on repeat here is this easy to make muesli.

So, whatever you are looking for we have options in this category!


Campfire breakfast skillet

This campfire breakfast skillet is the perfect way to get your day started when camping. With most of the prep work done at home, it is really simple to put it together the morning of. Prep work If there is one tip I have for cooking when you are camping, it is prep and prep…

Strawberry and cream rolls

I have made a lot of breads in my life, like a lot. These strawberry and cream rolls are definitely are up there in the top ranks. They are tender, and swirled with the strawberry and cream, they are just dreamy. As if that wasn’t enough- I also drizzled them with a lemon…

Ham and Cheese Pockets

These ham and cheese pockets were a huge hit in our house. I mean, HUGE. I definitely should have doubled the recipe as we almost had some fights over the 3 that each person got . I know for next time, it seems 6-8 are more in order. Making the ham and cheese pockets Start…