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Category: Decadent Chocolate

Can You Ever Have Too Much Chocolate?

With decadent chocolate, how can there be?  It is a food I didn’t always love, but in recent years has moved to the top of my list. So, can you ever have too much chocolate? I haven’t found that threshold yet. I would say chocolate obsession might be a good descriptor for my condition.

If you are like me, you will find plenty of recipes to love within this category. There is everything from chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake recipes, to almost anything you can think of. Dark chocolate is my decadent chocolate, a personal favorite of mine. It is used in most of my recipes. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing, you can always sub in whatever chocolate you prefer in these recipes.

A favorite recipe is this Dark Chocolate Tart with Strawberries. It has gotten tons of traffic on the blog and Pinterest. Chocolate can also be really healthy too. These Chocolate Orange Energy Balls are a great example. Whatever you are looking for, you will have great options!

Best Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Is there a better way to use zucchini than in a chocolate zucchini cake? I don’t think so either! With all the zucchini in there, it’s practically healthy too! Making the chocolate zucchini cake Start by grating your zucchini. You can also throw it in the food processor, that works as…

Dark chocolate dipped dried fruits

One of my current favorite treats are dark chocolate dipped dried fruits. I feel a little better about them being slightly healthy. I mean…. kind of. The chocolate I like a dark chocolate, but if you prefer a semi sweet or even milk chocolate, use those. This was a Signature Reserve- a Fred Meyer…

Dark chocolate strawberry topped tart

Okay, you really should stop whatever you are working on and make this Dark chocolate strawberry topped tart. Y’all it is good enough to set aside your current plans and focus on this. The dark chocolate plus strawberries are the stuff dreams are made of, especially mine. Well, and my youngest son, older…