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Category: Irresistible cookies

A Cookie A Day Keeps….Everyone Happy

Irresistible cookies…need I say more? If I am going to be totally honest, cookies are probably my favorite dessert. They are pretty easy to make, you can easily incorporate healthier practices with cookie recipes, they are individual sizes, and they are handheld. Who doesn’t love cookies??

Now, most of my irresistible cookies in this category are made healthier with a few simple modifications. Whole grains are my main push, so almost every cookie recipe here has whole wheat added to the recipe. I also like to reduce the sugar and reduce the fat. But, don’t be nervous, the cookies are still delicious!

Most cookies can be made within 20 minutes or so. This makes them pretty easy to create.

Now, the cookie size also makes them ideal. They are an individual size, this makes them a healthier dessert option for that reason. I realize most of us eat more than one cookie in a setting, but even 2 still make it fewer calories than a slice of cake.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes. These gingerbread stamped cookies are a great seasonal cookie and one that has been popular. My carrot cake cookies have consistently ranked well on the website and Pinterest. Another favorite is these chocolate chip cookies with pretzels and caramel. They are all so good!

Blood Orange Shortbread Cookies

Blood Orange Shortbread Cookies. I love the beautiful color of blood oranges, don’t you?? It’s always kind of exciting when they come in season. I will use them in a variety of dishes, but these Blood Orange Shortbread Cookies felt right this morning when I woke up. Making The Blood Orange…

Whole Wheat Spritz Cookies

Whole Wheat Spritz cookies are such a healthier twist on the classic Christmas cookie! They are fairly simple to make and the only special tool needed is the cookie press. Don’t be intimidated by this recipe, it is actually pretty simple! Don’t hold spritz cookies to only being a Christmas cookie…

Dark Chocolate Rye Cookies

These Dark Chocolate Rye Cookies are the bomb dot com. Seriously, they are fudgy and delicious. If you have been hesitant to try whole grains in desserts, these cookies are a great way to try them. The rye lends itself to the dark chocolate flavor and is a cookie everyone will love! The flake seas…