Easter Menu Recipes

I thought I would do a little round up of some of my favorite Easter meal ideas. I have plenty to choose from, so you should definitely be able to find that would work for you and your family!

In our homes, carbs are king. We LOVE our rolls and bread with meals. It seems only logical, I should start with them.

I will start with the top left and work around in the tile gallery below.

Lemon Brioche Swirl Rolls. You guys!! These are so good!

If you like the swirl, but aren’t into lemon, how about these Whole Wheat Walnut Rolls? They are so good!

Looking for something with herbs? These Parmesan Herb Rolls are it!!

These next 2 rolls, left to right are a Rosemary Gruyere Pull Apart Rolls and Garlic Parmesan Twists.

Now, I could probably base a whole meal around BREAD, but I probably shouldn’t. Instead, let’s add in some of my favorite salads! Left to right, Blood Orange and Golden Beet salad– I know we are about out of orange season, but it is still so good! I love it even now. The second is a Healthy Carrot Salad. There is no mayo in this salad!

Here are a couple more- A Farro and Apple Salad, which I am so in love it! The second is Farro Asparagus Salad. You know I love whole grains, so these salads are always a favorite!

Next up are a few side dishes and appetizers. I love, love this asparagus bundles. They are such a simple appetizer!! Or what about this asparagus risotto? It is so creamy and good!

This Couscous with roasted veggies is also a great option! Sorry about the ugly photo, clearly this is a post that needs some updating! The photo for this tasty Mediterranean Lentil Salad also could use a little update!

On to the main dish. For some reason I almost always prefer some kind of pork for Easter. Here are a few options, again starting in the upper left corner, and moving around clockwise. Stuffed Pork Chops are a huge hit in our house. They are one of my hubby’s very favorite meals! Pork Tenderloin is also always a hit. I know peaches are not in season, but you could always do grilled pineapple instead. Last, is this tasty Asian Style Pork. These are simple to make. Marinate in the morning and throw them on the grill that evening!.

Looking for beef instead? How does a New York Strip Steak with Chimichurri sound?

Let’s move on to dessert… We will start with these tasty little No Bake Cheesecakes Topped with Strawberries. I know we usually think about Linzer Cookies at Christmas, but I love them as a spring cookie too. They are just so pretty!

Or how about another family favorite?? Caramel sticky buns are just so good! These are even a little healthier with whole grains and reduced sugar.

Maybe you want something smaller and a little lighter? How about these Carrot Cake Cookies?I love the full carrot cake, but these are certainly a healthier option. I am a lover of anything lemon, so of course I LOVE lemon meringue. These lemon meringue bites are perfect for smaller portions!

Okay, here are the last few ideas. If you are a chocolate lover, these orange brownies are some of our favorites. They are rich, chocolaty, and laced with orange. They are just so good! Or, if you love a whole cake, no shame in that, how about this this Carrot Pomelo Cake? It is such an interesting flavor, I just love it!

So, I realize this Easter will be different for all of us. It can still be a special occasion, even if it is for a smaller group than we are used to. I hope it is a wonderful day for you and whoever you are celebrating with!

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