Harvest Salad

I love salads in the summer, like a lot. I also love them in the fall and winter though. In fact, sometimes I think we need salad even more in the fall and winter than summer.

I started by roasting these beautiful beets. I love to use the traditional red beets, but also love golden beets!!

You will want to rinse the beets first. They are almost always really dirty when you buy them. Dirt is good though, it’s good natural preservative for your root veggies. Cut off the greens. You can use these like you would any greens, so do with them what you will. I actually gave mine to my chickens.

Place them in a tin foil lined baking dish. Make sure and separate if you are using both colors like I did. That red will bleed ALL over everything! Cover and bake at 400 degrees until the beets are tender.

Now, you can make your salad with any fall squash you choose. I love delicata the best and use it wherever I can! Start by washing your squash.

Cut off the ends, hollow out the center and seeds.

Start cutting the squash into 1/2-3/4 inch slices.

Peel your sweet potato, and cut into chunks.

Drizzle with olive oil.

Pour onto a parchment lined baking dish. I make enough roasted veggies for several salads. They hold really well in the refrigerator for several days. So, no need to make the mess more than once a week! Sprinkle with salt and roast at 375 until veggies are BARELY tender, don’t overcook. Let them cool slightly.

Now, once your beets are done, cut off the peel. Yes, it will stain your hands for a bit, but I don’t worry about things like that. I sliced it into round, just because I love the look!

Now, time to assemble the salad. I used spinach as my base, you can use whatever greens you want.

Next, top with our cooled veggies, sliced apples, pecans, quinoa and dried cherries. You can add in whatever you choose, there are so many great fruits and veggies this time of year! I used a lemon vinaigrette, one of my favorites.

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