Open-Faced Cucumber and Tomato Toast

The simple open-faced cucumber and tomato toast are a great way to celebrate summer’s garden bounty.

I have been a little bummed to not have a huge garden as I had at our new house. In our previous house, we had an amazing space. I have something specific in mind and am waiting until I can make it happen. In the meantime, I am growing whatever I can in my front flower bed.

Fresh herbs

I like some fresh herbs thinly sliced over the veggies, so I grabbed some fresh basil. You can see it is looking a little shabby. We are the end of a pretty hot summer, so it is struggling to stay alive. Remember the new basil leaves taste so much better than the older, larger leaves.

fresh basil in the garden

I also had my eye on some thyme that was growing. Don’t you just love fresh thyme???

woman picking thyme in the garden

I couldn’t resist grabbing this photo of a bee on my echinacea. Anyone else grateful for bees??

bee landing on echinacea flower

The Bread

The carbs are a pretty important part of any dish, in my eyes anyway. Choose carefully. I love these artisan rolls from Costco and use them when I don’t have time to make my own. Ciabatta rolls, sourdough, herb bread, or even a whole grain are great options as well.

woman opening ciabatta bun for toasting

The Veggies

One of my favorite tomatoes is Cherokee purples. They have the best flavor and are exactly what a homegrown summer tomato should taste like! Now, slice thick or thin, depending on preference. I like them thin, but my hubby loves them thick.

woman slicing a cherokee tomato on a white cutting board

These lemon cucumbers are not from my garden, someone in my Pilates class was good enough to share. They have been a favorite of ours for a really long time. If you ever get the chance to grow or even eat them, do it!

woman peeling a lemon cucumber for slicing

I like to peel them, but some people just eat the skins as well. So peel and slice.

woman slicing a lemon cucumber on a white plastic cutting board

Putting it all together

After you have toasted your bread. I like to spread a thin layer of cream cheese on the bread. You can also use butter if you prefer, a light drizzle of olive oil, or even an herb cream cheese.

woman spreading cream cheese on a artisan bun

Next, layer on your tomatoes and cucumbers. Sprinkle with a fair amount of flake salt (or whatever you like to use), freshly ground pepper and you thinly sliced basil and fresh thyme.

The Finished Open-Faced Cucumber and Tomato Toast

open -faced cucumber and tomato toast on a marble surface

Doesn’t this just feel like summer?? Yes, this is it! These open-faced cucumber and tomato toast are so perfect!

open -faced cucumber and tomato toast on a marble surface
open -faced cucumber and tomato toast on a marble surface

Looking for other sandwich ideas? I’ve go those too. Check them out here!

open -faced cucumber and tomato toast on a marble surface

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