Pea and Goat Cheese Green Salad

This is a lovely, refreshing and super quick salad. Plus, it’s amazing because it just feels like summertime!!

If you have fresh peas, definitely use those. If not, do like I did and thaw frozen peas. They are still totally delicious! I simply placed them frozen in a small bowl and fill with tepid water. While you are prepping the rest of the salad, they thaw- super simple. As shown in photo below

The base was a baby greens mix (thank you Costco). To this I added thinly sliced radishes, peas, sliced avocados and goat cheese.

Before assembling the salad I drizzled the lettuce with small amount of olive oil. I did this because I sprinkled the salad with salt, the oil gave something for the salt to stick to on the lettuce.

Then, instead of a dressing, I squeezed fresh lemon juice over the salad. It was so light and tasty.

Then, sit back and enjoy. You deserve it!

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