Skillet Potatoes

This post may be unnecessary, but I just wanted show how I do my skillet potatoes. You might have a different method, but this has been easiest for me and the results are ????! They are always a favorite in our family! We have them usually once a week, or every other week. I can blame that on living Idaho, the land of potatoes.

I always par boil my potatoes first, always. When you throw raw potatoes right into the cast iron for skillet potatoes, it feels like it takes forever to cook, and usually some part of the dish winds up getting overcooked ????. So, I boil them first. I prefer red potatoes. Cut them in chunks, or wedges. Salt your water pretty heavily. In the pot I’m showing, I probably had about a teaspoon in there. Cook them until they are JUST barely tender or slightly under tender (is that even a term?), not mushy. Drain and let them cool a few minutes. I generally boil quite a few potatoes at one time, enough for 2 meals, it’s my meal prep. Just put whatever you don’t use into a container in the fridge, they stay good at least a week.Heat your cast iron, of you have it, if not use a regular skillet. Add enough oil to prevent sticking, I had about a tablespoon in mine. It’s more oil then I would normally do, but I like crispy potatoes and ones that don’t stick! After the potatoes have cooked a few minutes you can add in whatever you are craving- bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, fresh herbs etc.

If you are needing something more substantial, with MEAT- throw in some sausage, bacon, ham whatever. You get the picture. These are great for breakfast, they are usually or brunch on Saturday (we have early morning activities for the kids into about 10, everyone is starving when we get home), or they can even be used for a side dish. If you use just bell peppers and onions it’s called potatoes O’Brien. You can also can these skillet potatoes hash. Whatever you decide to name it, I think you will love it! .

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