Spiralized Salad

I’ve had my eye on a spiralizer for awhile, and this past week I finally caved and picked up this one from @oxo. I’m sure glad I did, what a cool kitchen gadget! I pulled it out the other day, just to wash it and get it ready, but my boys were so curious about it, we had to give it a try right away. So, the first recipe was a simple Greek salad. The spiralizer was easy to put together, and easy to use. My boys are the ones who ran it for me. Whole they were slicing away, I decided it’s the perfect way to get kids to try fruits and veggies. The finished product just looks so fun! After we finished the cucumbers for the salad, the boys wanted to try something else. Or fridge is almost bare on the weekends, it’s kind of survival of the fittest, but we found an apple. They thought it was so cool to see is spiralizer as well. They also spiralizer more cucumbers to take in their lunches yesterday. They’re friends even thought it was pretty cool. I’m seeing a lot of spiralized foods in our future.

I’ll give you a rundown on the salad, it really was so quick.

Spiralize one English cucumber,I used the fettuccini blade. Let it drain for at least 5 minutes on a plate covered in paper towels. Cucumbers always release so much water once they are cut into. The cucumbers go on your serving plate with chick peas, tomatoes, red onions and feta. Lightly drizzle with a Greek vinegarette. Done! That’s it.

If you’ve been on the fence about a spiralizer or just want a fun way to get your kids to try fruits and veggies, try it!

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