St. Patrick’s Day Round Up

Hey all! I have joined up with a few of my fellow blogging girlfriends for a little St. Patrick’s Day Round Up. These women are talented bloggers and photographers, so I think you will love these recipes and their photos. I will also add quick links to all my own recipes at the bottom. Especially since I didn’t have hardly any on the blog until a few days ago. I’m actually feeling excited for St. Patrick’s Day this year with all these options!

Here are the recipes, in no particular order:

Catherine of @seasonedgreetings and I met through Instagram. I love her photography style and her recipes always look so good! Her contribution for the round up is this lovely loaf of Irish Soda Bread. I will actually be making her recipe on St. Patrick’s day for our dinner and can’t wait.

Catherine said this about her bread ,”An easy and crowd-pleasing Irish recipe! Irish bread is a no yeast bread with raisins for a hint of sweet. Swap your morning scone or muffin for a slice of Irish Soda Bread!”

Next up is Marissa and Alyssa from @wonderandcharm . They have really honed their photography and videography skills over this past year and I am really excited to see where they are headed. Their recipe contribution is a baked Alaska. Can you believe, coming from Alaska, that I have never made a baked Alaska? I should add this to our menu as well. My family would love me for it!

Here’s what the girls said about their recipe ,” I spy something green. This baked Alaska is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. It might look fancy, but it is super simple to make!”

Next up is Sue from @anothertablespoon . Sue has been in the blogging world for awhile and has SO many great recipes and ideas. She talented and consistent which is why she has such a great following on her social medias. Her contribution for the round up is a Dubliner Cheese Dip. I have actually never had Dubliner cheese, but can’t wait to try it! This recipe sounds amazing. I would love to dive into that cheese!

Next up is one of my most recent friends on Insta Callie from @bingeworthybites . We met and have chatted almost everyday since. She is a talented food photographer and is so detailed on her blog. Her contribution is the Reuben and seriously making me drool! Ruebens are one of my favorite sandwiches ever, but I have yet to make them at home. Through Callie’s inspo and recipe, I think I am going to have to give it a try. Doesn’t this look amazing!!

Here’s What Callie has to say about her sandwiches- “Perfectly melted Swiss cheese, creamy homemade Russian Dressing, mouthwatering corned beef and sauerkraut all sandwiched between two pieces of marbled rye”. Can you say yum???

My Contribution for the round up was my St. Patrick’s Day whole grain pancakes. If you did not see them Monday, here they are. They are bright and fun and definitely worth making on St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast!

I also am including my other St Patrick’s Day recipes here as well- like the rainbow fruit platter. This pairs perfectly with the pancakes shown above!

Or what about these Shamrock Chips and Dip? They look a little ugly, but I promise, it was so good!

Next up are these fun St. Patrick’s Day Muddy Buddies!

The last recipe I will be featuring this year is this Cottage Pie. My family is a meat and potatoes kind of family and this recipe is just perfect for us!

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  1. Alyssa & Marissa | 11th Mar 20

    This is an awesome post we are so glad we got to be part of it. Thank you Amy for the kind words. Everyone’s recipe and photos look amazing. We hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day! =D

    • admin | 11th Mar 20

      Thank you girls! I loved the round up, let’s def do it again!

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