If you are interested in planning a trip to mexico off the beaten path and away from tourist locations, let me share some of my tips with you!

Tip #1 

Do your research for safest areas to travel. There are so many resources online. Also check my travel post , link below, all about where we went. 

Tip #2

Decide on a budget for the trip, and let that determine housing ,activities, etc. I always go over a bit, but it helps to keep this in mind. 

Tip #3

Plan activities your family or travel partners enjoy. We have a family counsel and discuss what we will do. Then everyone is vested and enjoys it. 

Tip #4

Make sure your passports are in with plenty of time. Processing is really slow these days! Give yourself plenty of time. 

Tip #5

Respect the culture. Do your best to communicate with the locals, Google translate can be your best friend if you aren't fluent. 

Tip #6

Try new foods and new experiences! One of the best things about traveling to a new culture is to immerse yourself in that culture. 

Tip #7

Decide how you will document and remember the trip. Camera? Phone? I use a combination of both. 

Tip #8

Don't be afraid to rent a car and get out there! We did and loved having the flexibility. 

That is it! Get out there and  adventure. Mexico is waiting!