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Beautiful Cherry Slab Pie

This amazing slab pie is so delicious and perfect for a crowd!
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time45 mins
Total Time1 hr 15 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cherry pie filling, cherry pie from frozen cherries, cherry slab pie, homemade cherry pie
Servings: 20 servings
Author: Amy- A Red Spatula


  • jelly roll pan, leaf cookie cutters, pastry brush


  • 2 recipes pie dough This is for 2 full recipes. I included a recipe for 1 pie, you will need to make 2 of those. Slabpies use a lot more pie dough than a roudn 9-inch pie. The dough should be chilled and ready to go.
  • 2 tablespoons melted butter
  • 1 batch cherry pie filling recipe included, cooled to room temp or chilled
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoon milk
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar


  • Read instructions all the way through before starting.
    On a sheet of parchment paper trace the shape of the bottom of the jelly roll pan. You will use this guide for making your top lattice work.
    Lightly flour your surface.
    Roll one recipe ( remember this would normally be enough for the top and bottom crust of a 9-inch pie) of pie dough out for the bottom crust on your slab pie. Make sure you have several inches all the way around for overhang. Place in the pan. Press gently to cover the bottom and up the sides. If there is too much excess on the sides, trim it off. If not, fold it under and pinch to crimp.
    Place the crust in the fridge and let's start on the top lattice.
    Have your traced guide of the jelly roll pan on the back of a baking sheet. You will place in the freezer to set, so it will need to be on a stable surface.
    With your other recipe of pie dough, cut off about 1/2 cup. Just eyeball this, it will be for the leaves later. Lightly flour your surface again. Roll the remaining dough for the top crust to a rectangle about 12x24 inches. It can be a little smaller if you prefer, but I like to keep my dough fairly thin, especially for lattice work. Othewise it gets so thick! Cut into 3/4-1 inch strips.
    Start creating lattice work on your parchment paper, using the traced guide. Make sure and allow the design to overhang a bit. You will trim this at the end.
    Once you have woven your lattice work, trim, still leaving a 1/2 inch overhang. You will cut this off with scissors on the pie. It is better to be a little bigger than too small.
    Place the lattice work in the freezer while you work on decorations and constructing the pie.
    Roll the 1/2 cup hunk you pulled aside on a floured work surface. Now, press your cookie cutters in the dough to cut the leaves. Make sure the surface and the cutter or the top of the dough are lightly floured. You don't want the leaves to stick. If there is excess flour on the leaves after cutting, simple brush off with a pastry brush.
    Place the leaves on a pan or plate, I prefer lined in parchment in fridge while you start putting the pie together.
    It is finally time to assemble!!
    Remove the bottom crust from the fridge. Fill with the cherry pie filling. I had a little extra on the pie filling. Your's might all fit.
    Now, remove your lattice work from the freezer and gently remove from the parchment and placing on the cherry filling. If it is a little too large, carefuly trim with sharp scissors. Gently press into place.
    Combine your egg and milk in a bowl. Mix well for the egg wash. Brush on the lattice work.
    Now, place your leaves in the design you want to. Then, brush the leaves with egg wash as well.
    Sprinkle to whole pie with granulated sugar.
    Place in the bottom shelf in oven. You will want to make sure the bottom bakes the same time as the top. If you have your heating element on the bottom of you oven, place the pie on the middle shelf.
    The pie will take 45 minutes-1 hour to bake.
    My favorite indicators of when the pie is done are the color of the crust, and the bubbling of the filling. The crust should be a beautiful golden brown, as shown in the photos. The filling should be bubbling all the way through.
    That is it! You are done, and shoudl certainly feel accomplished!
    The pie is great served hot, but I actually prefer to let it cool for a bit before servings. The pie in the photos is a second day pie- meaning it was chilled overnight before photographing. This pie is really good for up to 4 days! Just make sure and wrap it well.
    As far as serving recommendations, we are a family divided. My son and I love it served with whipped cream, my youngest takes it plain, and my husband insists a slightly warmed pie (30seconds in the microwave) with a scoop of ice cream is the only way to REALLY enjot pie. You decide!
    Now, sit back and enjoy. You deserve it!