We stayed in Silves on our recent trip to the Algarve in South Portugal. It is a beautiful, quiet town that is very close and central to all the beaches you want to visit. 

Praia do Carvoeiro

This was the first beach we visited when we headed to Southern Portugal. It is a small beach in a quaint town. The cliffs and hills surrounding it give the best views!

This next beach is a popular one for kayaking and paddle boards. We took a sea kayaking tour from here that led us through many of the caves in the area!

Praia do Castelo

Praia da Dona Ana

This is a very popular beach that fills up quickly. It is also very beautiful and the scenery stunning. Plan a visit here!

The stairs on this beach will help you work out all those pastries you have been eating on your Portugal vacation. They lead down to a beautiful beach that is worth the visit!

Praia do Camilo

There are so many beautiful beaches to explore in the Algarve region of Portugal. Click on the link below for more details.

They are family-friendly and boast beautiful golden sand and cliffs. If you are planning a trip to Portugal, make sure the Southern coast makes that list!

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