If you love fruit pizza, you are going to love this healthier version. The cookie is made with partial whole wheat, the icing is only lightly sweetened and plenty of fresh fruits!


*Butter *Granulated sugar *Egg *Vanilla *All-purpose flour *Kamut flour– or use any other wheat flour of choice *Cream cheese *Powdered sugar *Fresh fruit

Stand or hand mixer

Baking sheet

Cutting board

Sharp knife

Tools Needed

Step One

Mix the sugar cookie dough. Form it into a circle. Bake until lightly golden-brown

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Step Two

Allow the sugar cookie crust to cool completely while you mix your cream cheese icing.

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Step Three

Spread the icing on the sugar cookie crust. Cut all of your fruits and arrange them on the pizza.

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This fruit pizza is good for brunch, breakfast, snacking, or dessert. It is simple to make, delicious, and so pretty to serve. 

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Healthier Fruit Pizza