What to know how to make lemon meringue eclairs? Let me show you. They may not be the easiest dessert, but well worth it!

The eclair is filled with tart lemon curd and topped with a beautiful meringue. This dessert is a show-stopper! 

Start by making your eclairs. This choux dough isn't hard to make and creates the best eclairs!


Pipe the eclairs and bake.


Once the eclairs are baked and cooled, fill with the lemon curd filling.


Pipe the meringue topping on the filled eclairs.


Toast the meringue with a torch or in the oven under the broiler.


Enjoy the eclairs. You deserve it!!


Let me share with you just how to make these lemon meringue eclairs. While they may be a little time-consuming to make, they are well worth it! Be sure to click for details. 

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