This orzo pesto pasta salad is so easy to make and bursting with fresh flavor!

1. Orzo pasta 2. Pesto 3. Vegetables of choice 4. Olive oil 5. Red wine vinegar 5. Fresh herbs 6. Fresh mozzarella 7. Salt and pepper 


Step One:

Decide on the type of pasta you want- I like orzo, it cooks quicklY!

Step two:

While the pasta is cooking, start chopping vegetables and herbs.

Step Three:

Once the pasta is cooked, drain, rinse, and mix it all together.   

Step four:

Adjust seasoning as needed and serve. 

This orzo pesto pasta makes a delicious side dish for any meal. It can also be a meal on its own if you are going for something lighter. It is also healthy and loaded with veggies!

Meet amy

I am the creator of A Red Spatula and lover of food, especially whole grains. 

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