Looking for a savory appetizer for halloween? how about these cute mummy meatballs?

They are the cutest meatball bites! 

1. Ground Beef 2. Eggs 3. Panko 4. Salt 5. Parmesan Cheese 6. Minced Garlic 7. Ground Black Pepper 8. Basil 9. Oregano 10. Thyme 11. Onion Powder 12. Crescent Dough


Combine all ingredients except dough in a large bowl. Mix well.


Scoop onto a sheet pan and bake


Cut dough into thin strips. Wrap the meatballs and bake


Decorate the mummies with the candy eyes and serve!


If you are searching for a great savory appetizer for Halloween, these mummy meatballs need to make your list. They are simple to make and delicious! 

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