The perfect high protein meal that is ready in about 15 minutes and uses few ingredients. It is so easy to make!!

1. Steak 2. Mushrooms 3. Steak seasoning and salt 4. Butter 5. Garlic


Step One:

Cut steak to size. I used about 2-inch chunks for mine. don't worry about perfection here. 

Step TWO:

Season generously with the steak seasoning and a touch of salt.

Step Three:

Heat your skillet, add in butter or oil, then the steak chunks. 

Step five:

Sear the steak. 

Step six:

Add in butter. 

Step seven:

Remove the steak and add in the mushrooms.

Step eight:

Then cook them all together for just a minute or 2.

This steak and mushroom dish is the perfect low-carb dish. It is so simple to make and comes together in about 15 minutes. It is such a great weeknight meal. 

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