This is a classic coleslaw recipe made healthier with the addition of apples and Greek yogurt. Don't worry, it is amazing. 

1. Cabbage 2. Carrots 3. Red Onions 4. Apples 5. Greek Yogurt 6. Mayo- just a touch 7. Apple cider vinegar 8. Celery seed 5. Honey


Step One:

Thinly slice your vegetables . YOu can also buy the coleslaw mix if you prefer. 

Step TWO:

The apples can be thinly sliced or cut into chunks. 

Step Three:

Mix your slaw dressing in a small bowl. 

Step five:

Pour over the salad and mix well. 

You will love this coleslaw. It is easy to make, healthy and so delicious! Be sure to click for the full recipe and all the details. 

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