HOmemade tortillas are so much easier to make than you might think! 

These are even healthier since they are made with an ancient grain flour- kamut flour

Add all ingredients to a bowl.

Step 1

Mix it together until everything comes together.

Step 2

Knead the dough until it is smooth.

Step 3

Cover with a saran wrap and let it rest.

Step 4

Divide the dough and cover the pieces you aren't working with.

Step 5

Roll each ball into a thin round circle.

Step 6

Cook on a preheated cast iron or other pan.

Step 7

These tortillas are soft tender and healthy! They are perfect for making tacos or wraps. Tortillas are also so delicious and easy! Click for all the details. 

Meet amy

I am the creator of A Red Spatula and lover of food, especially whole grains. 

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