Don't want to spend hours stirring the pot of risotto? I have the answer for you. It is the instant pot. 

This cozy fall dinner will be on your table in less than 30 minutes. 


- Arborio Rice -Bacon - Onion -Garlic -sage, nutmeg, salt and pepper -Chicken or veggie stock -pumpkin Puree -parmesan Cheese - pepitas (optional)

Step One:

render your bacon, then remove. Leave the fat in the pressure cooker. 

Step two:

add in your onions and garlic. saute.

Step three:

Then the rice. 

Step three:

last is your stock, pumpkin, half the bacon, and seasonings. 

Step Four:

top with your remaining bacon, parm, and pepitas. 

This is just one of many cozy and simple dinners I want to share with you. Click the  link below for this and more ideas.