apple coleslaw is the perfect salad for fall! This is an even healthier version made with tons of veggies and greek yogurt. YOu really need to try this!

1. Cabbage 2. Carrots 3. Red Onions 4. Apples 5. Greek Yogurt 6. Mayo- just a touch 7. Apple cider vinegar 8. Celery seed 5. Honey


Step One:

Thinly slice your cabbage, carrots, and red onion if you are using them.

Step TWO:

YOu can either thinly slice your apples, or cut them in chunks as i did. 

Step Three:

Mix your dressing in a small bowl.   

Step five:

Drizzle it over all the veggies and apples. 

This apple coleslaw is simple to put together, healthy, and really delicious. It is the perfect side dish for any fall meal! 

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