Here are a few of my favorite tools and resources-

Small kitchen appliances

Bosch mixer. I know everyone is all team Kitchenaid, and I like their products pretty well. Bosch definitely holds up to my abuse much better. I have burned up 3 Kitchenaids! Ilike to mix a lot of bulky, heavy dough and it seems to be too much. As a side note, they are good at returns though. Click Here for the mixer I use.

This thing has a fulltime job in our home. It’s on call almost every day.

Next up is my food processor.

I need equipment that holds up to a certain amount of abuse. My Bosch is one, but my food processor is another. I have had this for at least 15 years. Other than replacing bowls, I’ve had no problems. It’s solid and such a great appliance. Click here for the link. I think you will love this! It’s a great investment if you are in the kitchen much. It’s such a time saver. Plus I don’t make biscuits or scones without…

How about those portion scoops?

Good portion scoops are essential in our kitchen. Click here for a brand I like.Portion scoops are great for exactly that. Even though I love desserts, I also love to keep them small and sizes consistent. I don’t only use it for desserts though, it’s used also to help me keep an eye on portions when I’m plating meals. They’ve become invaluable to me.

Mini donut pans are also kind of a big deal in our house. Click here for the ones I prefer.

Bread pans are also vital here. I like a pretty thick pan, for more even baking. The Calphalon has been great. Click here for link.