Hiking Bunsen Peak Yellowstone

My absolute favorite part of our trip was hiking Bunsen Peak Trail Yellowstone. It was incredible. The views were just so cool. If you are visiting Yellowstone, and like to hike, this hike is a must! The trail is just south of Mammoth Falls and really easy to find.

There is some great info in this article about the trail.

man hiking up bunsen peak

Trail Info

Each turn is a new view and all are amazing. You get sweeping views of the park, of course, but also the Gallatin Mountains in the distance. The trail is 4.4 miles long, in and out. It is rated moderate, so not too bad. Just keep in mind though, if you aren’t used to the altitude, it might be a challenge.

view of Yellowstone National Park from Bunsen Peak trail

The peak is about 8500 feet, but the elevation gain is only about 1300 feet.

A family who hikes together, stays together

man and 2 sons hiking on Bunsen Peak trail Yellowstone

Here was a rare moment my hubby and oldest son were together on the hike. The hubs hikes a little slower and my oldest is a really fast hiker.

Teenage son with arm around Father in an embrace on Bunsen peak trail Yellowstone National park

Snow in higher altitudes

We visited the first week in June, and there was still snow up top. it made it kind of fun though and the change was cool.

man sliding down snow on hiking trail

Hiking pole suggestions

If you aren’t a really strong hiker, or just need a little help, I definitely recommend hiking poles. The hubs uses them on our more challenging hikes, and really loves them. I cannot find the ones we used online anymore, but here is a site with some great suggestions for good poles

man hiking up trail with hiking poles, mountains in the distance

Here is my hiking buddy on the trip. I just love my little nephew and we chatted the whole way up the trail. I know a lot of people love solo hiking, but I prefer hiking with other people!

In this area of the photos above and below we saw a fox. I only have a wide angle on, so I didn’t get a decent shot. Aside from the fox, the only other wildlife was birds and some really cute chipmunks.

woman embracing young man on hiking trail with mountains in the distance

Let me just put this out there- my husband is 63 and still going strong. I love that although a lot of the hikes he goes on with us are really challenging, he still plugs through. He is awesome!

husband and wife embracing on hiking trail

I loved the changing terrain throughout the hike. The bottom is so different from the midsection and the top. They were all so cool though.

teenage boy squatting down facing mountains in the distance.

Here we are getting close to the top. In case you are wondering, here are the hiking boots I use. I have had them for over a year now and love them.

mother and 2 teenage sons with their arms around each other on hiking trail

The switchbacks make the trail much easier. It is a steady incline, but not terrible.

teenage boy with backpack on hiking up Bunsen Peak trail Yellowstone

Bunsen Peak

We made it! They have a cute cabin and radio station up top. Don’t forget to log in to the hiker’s book at the cabin.

Once you get to the peak, you have beautiful 360 degree views that are just spectacular! It was really windy up top, so bring something to layer. All of us threw on our jackets.

group of teenagers at Bunsen Peak in Yellowstone

Snacking is really important on good trails like this. Our favorites are beef jerky, dried fruits and fig bars. My husband is giving an example here with his beef jerky :). Water is a necessity as well. The day we hiked was cool. but there is very little shade, so if you are hiking on a hot day, you will want plenty of water!

Man taking a break sitting at a cabin on Bunsen Peak Yellowstone

So, that’s it. Hiking up Bunsen Peak should make on your list of hikes to make for sure! It is beautiful, it is accessible and it is so worth it!

For more info on our 2 day Trip To Yellowstone, check this out! We certainly recommend this beautiful National Park to anyone!

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