Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah

Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab, Utah. This was our second trip to Kanab, and we loved it just as much this time as the first! There is so much to see and do in the area. I cannot wait to head back the third time! My favorite excursion we did this time was visiting the Grand Chamber.

Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah

Coral Cliffs Tours

We did a tour with Jeff from Coral Cliffs Tours. We generally aren’t tour-taking people, but for the price, it was well worth it. Jeff was very knowledgeable about the area, fun to chat with, and very accommodating.

Cutler Point Kanab Utah

Escalante National Monument

We booked the sunset tour and headed out about 6:30. Jeff explained that Grand Chamber sits in the White Cliffs level of Escalante National Monument. I didn’t know much about the area, but it is made up of different levels. It is fascinating to see if you haven’t before! More about those levels on this site!

Cutler Point Kanab Utah

Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah

This area sits in the Cutler Point area. We had never been back in the area, but have plans to return for sure!

From where we parked, it was a short, but really sandy hike up the Chamber. I think it was a little over .25 miles. The view is incredible from the Chamber, but also really cool on the way up. Before we went, I saw it recommended to wear sandals, but we all wore our shoes and were fine. Just know, there is little to no shade on the way up, so if you are doing this in the hot summer months, be prepared for that.

family hiking to Grand Chamber

All the really cool photos you see taken of the Grand Chamber are from the inside. So, you hike up to it, then make your way inside. With all the sand, it made a great workout. Here is my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. He is 5 and made it no problem.

family hiking through the sand to Grand Chmaber

Here we are at the “mouth” of the chamber. Just to the left of us is the inside. To the right overlooks the area.

couple hugging at the mouth of the grand chamber utah

This is taken from the opposite side of the chamber looking out.

sun burst on the side of sandstone in kanab Utah

Inside The Grand Chamber

Here are photos taken from the inside out. It is just so impressive. If you are in Kanab, I cannot recommend this area enough. It is just so amazing.

Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah
Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah
Excursion To Grand Chamber Kanab Utah

Sunset Grand Chamber Kanab Utah

By the time we hiked back down, the moon was up and the set setting. This tour was the perfect ending to our day in Kanab.

Moon coming up over

The area is spectacular during the day, but at sunset it is breathtaking.

Family walking into the sunset in kanab utah

We had the area all to ourselves, I am not sure if that is always the case or if we lucked out. Either way, it added to the serenity of the area and tour.

family in front of 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Tour Guide

This wasn’t a free tour for us or anything, so don’t think I am promoting Coral Cliffs Tours for that reason. I’m not. We genuinely loved it. Jeff knew the area well, was relatable, and chatted with all of us, even the teens. When we left everyone in our group mentioned how much they loved the tour. It is well worth it!

If you are looking for other areas to visit in Kanab, let me give a few suggestions:

  • Buckskin Gulch was an amazing hike back into some really cool slot canyons. We only did this hike once, but I am dying to get back!
  • Moqui Caverns was also really cool too. It involves a little scrambling but is really fun.
  • We also camped at Coral Pink Sand Dunes on our last visit. I would totally recommend this area if you are visiting.

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