Visiting Moqui Caverns

We had a trip to Southern Utah planned over a weekend at the beginning of May. My family and my sisters were camping out at Coral Pink Sand Dunes and I found these Moqui caverns near the sand dunes when I was checking the area prior to the trip. We love to hit as much as possible when we are traveling, so we decided to make the stop. Kanab is a great area with so much to see!

These are man-made caverns, they were used for sand harvesting in the 1970s, which is kind of cool. They are easy to access for most people.

Moqui caverns location

The caverns are located just off Hwy 89, like right off, between Moqui Cave and Best Friend Animal Sanctuary. The cave is kind of a touristy stop, so we skipped that. You will see the caverns on the East side of the road, just past the cave. Parking will be directly across from this on the Westside.

The photos below shows the kids walking up to the trail for the caverns.

The trail into Moqui Caverns

There are several ways to get up to the cavern. You really just have to pick the way that looks best and easiest for you. In our little group, most of the kids chose a few different ways up. The trail itself is short, maybe 1/4 mile in and 1/4 out.

Now, if you are afraid of heights or scrambling on rocks, just know there is a little of this. I am a really cautious person though, and I did it, so you have got it! Make sure your shoes have good traction, this will really help.

Our little Cavapoo, Cookie, loved the climb up. While I was being really cautious, he was scrambling up and down with no problem.

We were in the caves in the middle of the day, and the sun was very high. I imagine if you went later in the day, the lighting would be amazing.

Just remember, like any other site out there, be respectful. Leave them the way you found them or even better. Pack out anything you bring in.

Here’s the hubs and little Cookie.

Can you tell which one is my child and used to getting his photo taken all the time? 🙂

I kept my distance from the edges, but my husband, who loves heights, couldn’t stay away.

Also, the caverns create a great wind tunnel and it was whipping through there the whole time we were in the caverns.

I need to get better at taking photos with our Lego mini-figures. They are on every trip with us, I just need to figure out how to photograph them better.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for the visit:

  • The trail up to the caverns is all in the open. If it is hot out, you will feel it. Bring water as needed.
  • The scramble up is just that. It is short, but still a scramble. Make you have shoes with good traction.
  • The best time of day for photography is evening. The bright daylight was a little tricky to photograph in.
  • The Moqui Caverns are different than the Moqui cave, which is a paid attraction.

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