Sledding SteamBoat Gulch Idaho

Sledding Steamboat Gulch Idaho. Are you looking for a great place to go sledding near Boise? Let me recommend Steam Boat Gulch in Idaho City. What a great place for sledding! Keep reading for all the reasons why.

Steamboat Gulch Location

Steamboat Gulch is in the quiet little town of Idaho City. Once you get to town, it is about a 5-minute drive from “downtown” Idaho City to Steamboat Gulch. It is off road 304, and Google maps find it no problem. We actually went camping in this area last year and can’t wait to come back again.

sledding steamboat gulch idaho

Parking at Steamboat Gulch and Costs

The awesome part of Steamboat Gulch is it is only $10 per car. They also don’t care how many people you squeeze in that car. They have a large parking area with plenty of space. The owners are super friendly and helpful when you pull in. I know there are several other sledding hills in and near Boise, but they are really expensive and cost per person. This is a much better deal and you can stay all day if you want.

man sledding down sledding hill on a foam sled in an Eddie Bauer winter coat

Sledding Steamboat Gulch Idaho

There are several great hills for sledding. Let me just say, if it hasn’t snowed in a few days and those hills have been sledded on for a while, they will be pack down, slick, and SUPER fast. Like, super fast. They have really awesome jumps on them as well, so be ready. My recommendation is to visit Steamboat Gulch for sledding after a good snow, which is common in Idaho City in the winter.

teenage boy holding saucer sled

Other Cool Things About Steamboat To Know

You can build fires around the far edges of the parking lot and sledding areas. We didn’t bring wood and food, but I really wish we would have. Next time we are packing something to cook and making a real outing out of it. Everyone there is really friendly. Maybe some people have had bad experiences there, but we didn’t. We saw everyone trying to be mindful of each other. Stopping kids who were sliding too far and almost heading into the parking lot- these hills are so great, you will go great distances! Steamboat Gulch is definitely family-friendly. It is a bit of a free for all, so don’t think there is someone out there making sure everyone is being safe and taking turns. It is completely self-regulated. Again, we had no problems at all.

man on foam sled, sledding down sledding hill

Sled Recommendations

There are a ton of sleds out there, but let me give you our recommendations. You can’t find our foam sled online anymore, as we bought it several years ago, but this foam sled from Amazon is the same style. It is one of our favorites and the one we generally prefer. Saucer snow sleds are really fun as they are totally unpredictable, especially on hills with jumps. My husband really likes tubes for sledding, as they are a little gentler on the backside. Toboggans are fun as well, as you can fit several on them. Those are the sleds I grew up on. You can see these options in action below.

boy sledding steamboat gulch idaho
boy sledding steamboat gulch idaho
teenage boy sledding down hill in toboggan.
2 boys sledding down sledding hill
boy sledding down hill in saucer sled

Cold-Weather Coats

I grew up in Alaska in the 80s and we wore whatever we had when we headed outside in freezing temps. I remember socks were usually our gloves, our coats were usually too small or too big. If we had snow pants, they were the same, they generally didn’t fit and they usually had holes in them. Don’t even get me started about moon boots. Anyone else remembers those? Ours were certainly never this trendy… As an adult, however, I am not nearly so tough. Cold weather kills me, so I have to dress a little warmer now. Let’s start with the coats. My husband and I both have Eddie Bauer coats. This is the coat I own and would be lost without. I swear I wear it every single day in the winter. Wait until it goes on sale if you need to, but I promise it is worth every penny. Here is the hubby’s coat. He loves it as well. My oldest son wears a Hollister coat and has loved it. We bought it a few years ago, so they don’t have it online anymore.

husband and wife at steamboat gulch idaho with eddie bauer winter coats on

My youngest son wears whatever. He is much tougher about the weather than I am as an adult. I guess he was like me when I was his age. Most of the time he didn’t even have gloves on.

Cold-Weather Boot Recommendations

I use Sorel boots I got at a second-hand store, and I love them so much. Sorel is a really great boot and so reliable. Even second hand, these boots will last me forever. My boys and husband have Kamik boots we purchased at Sportsman’s Warehouse.

Let’s Go Sledding

So, if you are looking for a great place to sled near Boise, this is. If you have a free afternoon, schedule it in. You won’t regret it. Take friends and get out and have a great time! It will be time well spent.

2 teenage boys with their sled at Steamboat Gulch Idaho

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