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Category: Delicious Desserts

Eat Dessert First!

Delicious Desserts! It is safest to eat desserts first, as you never know what life will bring :). This category is loaded with amazing dessert options. Everything from pies, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, tarts, etc. There is something for everyone in this category!

Pie has recently become a favorite dessert of mine. I share my favorite pie dough recipe to get you started. From there, the options are endless! I give detailed instructions on how to make the pies, along with beautiful photos. I want you to be able to make a pie in your own home! This cherry slab pie is a  great example!

I  also love desserts with whole grains. Whole wheat is a component in almost every single dessert recipe I create. It makes my desserts a healthier option, but one you, your family, and your friends will still love. So many times people have bad experiences with whole wheat. Let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way. These recipes are delicious!

So, if you are looking for delicious desserts ideas, this category is for you!

Dark Chocolate Chip and Dried Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Dark Chocolate Chip and Dried Cherry Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies are the perfect marriage of a traditional chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookie. Made even more perfect because you sub raisins for dried cherries, which I prefer over raisins any day! Mixing the Cookie Dough Before you start mixing your dough, make sure all ingredients…

The Perfect Mandelmusslor Recipe

I think you are going to love The Perfect Mandelmusslor Recipe as much as we did! They are such a delicious Swedish cookie. I filled mine with a slightly sweetened cream cheese and topped with red currant jelly. It was the best combo!! What Is A Mandelmusslor Cookie? They are a lightly sweetened almond tartlet…

Stamped Gingerbread Cookies

I have been obsessed with Stamped Gingerbread Cookies for a while now. I mean, how cool are they?!? I am intrigued by their shape and history, I mean they have been around at least since the 1600s in Bavaria. Plus, they are so beautiful. The Cookie Stamps There are a ton of cookie stamps out…