Easiest Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board

Are you ready for the Easiest Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board? This is it. Everything is premade, you just have to put it all together. This board has something for everyone and no one can resist!

hands reaching for foods on a hot cocoa charcuterie board

What Kind Of Serving Tray Should You Use For Your Charcuterie?

The simplest answer is, anyone you prefer. I mean, the shapes and sizes are endless. If you have a smaller group, go with a smaller board. A larger group, a larger board, or several smaller boards. This particular board was MADE by my little brother and I am forever grateful for it. I use rectangular and square boards sometimes, but truthfully, I prefer round shapes. This is of course a personal preference. If you like other shapes, go for it! Amazon has some good boards if you like shopping there. I have also seen quite a few great ones at Marshall’s. World Market also had some great ones last time I was in.

Arranging Foods On The Charcuterie Board

There are no hard and fast rules for arranging foods on a charcuterie board, but let me give you a few of my tips for creating a beautiful board:

  • Make sure you have a good variety of shapes, textures, and colors. This lends itself to a really beautiful, balanced board.
  • Use some small serving containers on your board. These will add dimension and a little bit of height.
  • Use foods to create movement on the board. I used cookies and donuts to do this on this board.
  • Make sure and include a good variety of food on the board, you want to have something for everyone.

Let’s Make The Easiest Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board

I like to start with my containers. They generally hold a lot of “weight” on your board. For this one I used some small containers I had. World Market has really great pinch pots that would work well here. Amazon also has some good ones as well.

arranging foods on a simple hot cocoa charcuterie board

Once they are set in place, let’s start with some movement. Add in those cookies and donuts.

arranging cookies on an easiest hot cocoa charcuterie board

Once your movement is in, the rest is easy- just fill it in!

An arranged easiest hot cocoa charcuterie board

What To Foods To Put On A Hot Cocoa Charcuterie Board?

I will share what I used, but remember you can use whatever you and your family or guests love.

  • Hot Cocoa Mix. I used a premade, but if you wanted to make your own, go for it! I have a great Hot Cocoa Mix with creamer if you are looking for one.
  • A coffee dispenser or crockpot with hot milk or water.
  • Mugs or styrofoam cups
  • White and dark chocolate chips
  • Red hots, for all our cinnamon and chocolate lovers out there
  • Piroule, I mean, who can resist those things? Not me.
  • Andes mints and other minty candies. My oldest loves these!
  • Caramels. I mean, chocolate and caramel. Who can resist?
  • Donuts. Not a necessity, but who doesn’t love hot cocoa and donuts?
  • Gingersnaps. It is the Christmas season after all.
  • A good variety of marshmallows. It’s hot cocoa, you have to have marshmallows!
  • Whip Cream. I mean, is it even hot cocoa without it?
andes mints, caramels. chocolate chips on a hot cocoa charcuterie board

Homemade Options

If you have time this Christmas or winter season and want to make all the foods on your tray homemade. You certainly should. I was too busy though and needed this board to come together fast. So, all the foods are purchased at my local grocery stores.

red hots, chess cookies, donuts and gingersnaps on a hot cocoa charcuterie board

I also created this Beautiful Fall Charcuterie Board too. You can see I chose to make this one up quickly as well.

peppermint candies, piroulle, caramels, chocolate chips and donuts on a hot cocoa charcuterie board

If you are looking to add some healthier options, what about these mini donuts? They are simple to make and are much healthier than the store-bought ones:

I mean, cookies are also really good on the board, if you prefer to make your own, let me suggest a few I love:

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